Innovation - Ingen Quantum 2018

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Innovate in the development of technology and engineering from a new pioneering vision, in the use of a phenomenon that is present throughout the planet.

From its beginning Ingen Quantum S.A. I accept a challenge that not only had everything against him, it was evident that there was much more. The discovery of the principles of operation of a deferred energy field unified in rotation with magnetic charge, was the great step comparable with the discovery and manipulation of fire.

Thanks to a constant process in the development and investigation of this phenomenon that is present in all nature, gave us as a result the potential development of this industry based on new physical principles.

In Chile, a country that makes very little efforts at the state level in innovation and development concentrating the investment of this process in 97% in only biology issues and the remaining 3% prorated in other projects.

Our company is a pioneer in the development of forced field electromagnetic inductor applications, which have a wide variety of applications to the industry in general.

Ingen Quantum S.A. In 2015, he discovers the energy loxodrome that the earth possesses.

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