New markets - Ingen Quantum 2018

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The generation of new products from an adapted engineering, will allow a revolution in technology, at levels only seen with the entry of electricity produced on an industrial scale.

New markets will be generated in the consumption of solutions to needs such as sustainable energy with the environment, transport of cargo and passengers, telecommunications without the need of relay towers, among a wide range of them.

The companies that currently dominate the market in the generation of consumer products should update themselves, since the world market will react quickly to a new generation of consumption goods that use sustainable energy with a power factor as a milestone in their development. The cyclical effects of climate change that the earth has and thanks to the incorporation of new technologies will allow a medium-term solution to this global challenge.

The obsolescence is its own and a direct consequence of the research and development activities that allow in a relatively short time to manufacture and build improved equipment with capacities superior to those of the preceding ones.

It is evident that we are in the presence of the generation of new markets or substitute technologies, in which the option of the consumers can easily polarize in favor of one of them to the detriment of the others.

Ingen quantum S.A. aware of this natural evolution that the consumer goods market will have, it has initiated contact with companies on a global scale to evaluate eventual alliances of mutual benefit that have a vision in the sustainable development of new technologies that have been artificially stopped.
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