Joint Venture - Ingen Quantum 2018

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Joint Venture for the development of new products.

Ingen Quantum S.A., using agreements to carry out a business of mutual benefits that will be with world-leading companies such as energy, transport, aviation, mining, telecommunications, etc.

The times necessary for these agreements to obtain benefits are positioned in the medium and long term.

The objective pursued by Ingen Quantum S.A. through a strategic alliance between the parties can be from the production of goods or services, reach new markets or seek synergies in the manufacture of a product by the support in the different links of the production chain of one or several products. Therefore, these agreements for the development of new products will consider the contribution of raw materials, capital, technology, knowledge of the market, sales and distribution channels, personnel, financing (capital) or know-how.

Ingen Quantum S.A. has an open policy on the implementation of agreements that allow medium-term entry into the market of technological solutions with high added value.
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